Sidney to Montague – 20170818 to 20170819

I arrived back in BC from a relaxing summer in Newfoundland.  Great to be back again.  Treylya was looking in fine shape for being left unattended for a couple of months and it was nice to be back on board.  It was evident that she could use a little scrub so I got out the bucket and brush and after a few hours she was looking great again.

Decent Winds / Google Photos

I slept on board and decided to take her out for an overnight voyage to get reacquainted… I enjoyed a decent sail to Montague and all systems were working well.  So nice to be out in the warm, fresh air and on the water again.

Relaxing at Montague / Google Photos

The next day was a hot one so I headed out for a stroll around the park in the morning. It’s summertime and boating is in full swing so I bypassed the beach as it was fairly crowded (Yuk)… I hiked for a few hours and came back to Treylya in the blistering heat and climbed on board for some relaxing.

Surfing the Sunset / Google Photos

It was another beautiful sunset and I was lucky enough to have coverage so I spent the evening eating, drinking and surfing. Perfect ending to a good day. It seems that cellular coverage is getting better at Montague these days. Bell must have put up another tower on Saltspring or Galiano because I pretty much now get coverage wherever I am at Montague. Gotta love that…

Next day I woke up, had a shake and a coffee and started beating it back to Sidney. There wasn’t much wind so I pretty much motored the whole way. Once back at home port I cleaned up and jumped in the truck and headed to Vancouver. I got a few meetings lined up in Vancouver next week so I wanted to get over and get a good rest.

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