Sidney to Montague – 20160703 to 20160704

After a few days at the apartment I was itching to head out again.  This time I was gonna go for an extended trip.  Perhaps to Desolation Sound or up island somewhere…  We’re heading back to NL for a wedding celebration (ours) in mid July so this was a chance for me to get away on Treylya before I’m away from her for a few weeks.  BUT life get’s in the way…  We are doing a ballroom dancing course and I just ordered a bunch of furniture which is due to show up next week…  SOOOO, I gotta hang around next week…  grrrr…

Oh well, one last outing this weekend I guess.  Deb didn’t feel up to it so I headed out to Montague once again.  Monday is a holiday (July 4th) for me so I might stay at Montague for a night and then head to Ganges for a few days.

I had great sailing for a couple of hours before the winds died off and I started the old diesel and chugged to Montague.  There were no mooring buoys free so I was forced to anchor.  I anchored at the southeast end of the harbour and there was virtually no cell coverage so I figured I would head to Ganges tomorrow.  I settled in for an early night and drifted off to sleep.

Next morning was fair so I had breakfast and started out towards Ganges.  I got part of the way across Captain Passage and found a nice 13-18 knot wind from the south.  The weather forecast wasn’t great for the next few days and there were good winds today so I made a quick decision to enjoy the day sailing and head on back to Victoria.  I tacked out thru Captain Passage to Swanson Channel and enjoyed a great sail back to Portland Island.  These days are made for sailing.

I motored to Coal Island and had to fight a steady 3 knot current against me as I was heading into the harbour.  Groan…  What should have been 45 minutes turned into an hour and a half.  Oh well, a bad day sailing is better than a good day at work…

20160704 Trip

Day 1: July 03, 2016
12:30 – 16:50 (04:20)
Distance: 16.8 nm
Sail Time: 02:34
Engine Time: 01:46

Day 2: July 04, 2016
09:50 – 15:19 (05:29)
Distance: 20.3 nm
Sail Time: 02:27
Engine Time: 03:02