Sidney to Montague to Ganges – 20160506 to 20160515

I decided to get away again for the weekend and into next week.  I loaded up the boat on Friday and cast off just after 16:00.  It’s nice now that the days are getting longer so I’ll have plenty of sunlight to get to Montague.

Nice little view of Mount Baker

I pretty much steamed the whole way to Montague and tied up to a mooring buoy in the park.  It was nice…  Not many boats, long evenings and peace and quiet…  I hung around Montague for the next day to enjoy lunch at the cafe (it just opened for the start of the busy season) and do some hiking.  It’s a little frustrating that there is very little cell coverage at Montague which means no internet.  I need internet for work so I’ll have to head somewhere else for the rest of the week.

Next morning, Sunday, I headed over to Ganges for a few days.  Internet coverage is much better over there and there are more amenities this time of year.  I set out by 10am and although there wasn’t much wind I sailed part of the way as I had lots of time to kill.  I tied up at Ganges Marina.  It’s very cheap this time of year…  turns out it cheaper than the public wharf!  …and there’s a great little Burrito cart just up from the marina where they make 2 pound burritos loaded with lots of yummy stuff for $15.  Typically I get one per day and eat it over two meals.  Great bargain and so tasty…

I hung out at Ganges and worked for the week from the sailboat.  Justin and I discussed the need for the name to be painted back on Treylya so I commissioned him to paint it while I was there.  He’s a jack of all trades and agreed to paint the letters back on for quite cheap…  I purchased the supplies, bought him dinner at the pub, “a few cases of beer, a few packs of smokes” and he was happy.  I’m quite pleased with the work he did.

Deb took the ferry to Ganges the next weekend and we hung out at the market and pub and explored Ganges a little.  On Sunday we headed back to Sidney.


20160506 Trip

Day 1: May 6, 2016
16:06 – 20:04 (03:58)
Distance: 15.7 nm
Sail Time: 00:00
Engine Time: 03:58

Day 2: May 8, 2016
10:00 – 12:05 (02:05)
Distance: 7.5 nm
Sail Time: 00:44
Engine Time: 01:21

Day 3: May 10, 2016
14:00 – 16:55 (02:55)
Distance: 9.1 nm
Sail Time: 02:00
Engine Time: 00:55

Day 4: May 11, 2016
11:50 – 13:48 (01:58)
Distance: 7.4 nm
Sail Time: 00:00
Engine Time: 01:58

Day 5: May 15, 2016
10:00 – 14:46 (04:46)
Distance: 17.5 nm
Sail Time: 02:30
Engine Time: 02:16