Sidney to Ganges – 20170826 to 20170829

I spent a few days in Vancouver for a couple of job interviews and hung out with my buddies Wayne and Joe. Wayne and I decided to take off for the weekend and do a bit of sailing. We caught the ferry from Vancouver to Sidney, picked up a few groceries and cast off enroute to Ganges.  It was a decent sail and we made pretty good time.

Chef's in the Galley / Google Photos

We radioed in, got our slip assignment and tied up at Ganges Marina in the early afternoon. It was a warm few days and we enjoyed eating and drinking aboard Treylya. Wayne loves it in the galley… He’s affectionately known as the “cabin bitch” and faithfully upholds his duties…  “Hey Cabin Bitch mix me a drink.”  “Hey Cabin Bitch get me a snack.”  “Hey Cabin Bitch furl the jib.”  “Hey Cabin Bitch weigh the anchor.”  …the typical response is “Ay’ Captain”…  I tried it once with Deb and the requests weren’t as well received…  🙂

Ganges Marina / Google Photos

It was a hot few days and we consumed vast amounts of margaritas and strolled around Ganges. The market is winding down this time of year but there was still lots to see. The water front is beautiful with lots of sights and sounds.

Stroll Around Ganges / Google Photos
Ganges Public Walkway / Google Photos
Afternoon Stroll / Google Photos

We checked out the local craft shops and were impressed by some of the local wooden furniture. Very impressive how artistic some people are.

Local Wooden Kitchen Sinks / Google Photos
Local Wooden Tables / Google Photos

The lazy days slipped by and on Sunday a few friends showed up so we enjoyed drinks aboard Hounds Hollow as the evening deepened into night.

Enjoying a Cool Drink on a Hot Day / Google Photos

The next day Wayne caught the ferry back to Vancouver and I hung out with James, Sue and the dogs. We spent a few days eating and drinking under the heat of the sun. Life’s good… James ordered a round of shots of Jameson Whiskey and Pickle Juice – apparently if you shoot one right after another it tastes like a cheeseburger. I ended up taking a pause between the shot of whiskey and shot of pickle juice and the effect was lost on me. I’ll have to give it another try during the next visit… Thanks James…

Seaside Lunch with Friends / Google Photos
Hot day at Ganges / Google Photos
Even the Bathrooms Have a Nice View / Google Photos

After a few days it was time to head back to Sidney again. I have a couple of interviews set up in Victoria this week and need to get back and cleaned up. The return trip was one of the nicer days on the water. The winds were a beautiful 15-18 knots but it was on the nose so I had to tack back and forth as I beat into the wind. I got an early start and had the full day in front of me so I just sat back and enjoyed the great sailing…

Canadian Sailor / Google Photos
Perfect Winds / Google Photos
Returning to Home Port / Google Photos

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