Sidney to Mill Bay to Montague to Ganges – 20170506 to 20170513

Deb and I hung around Victoria for a couple of days to take care of some business and then we provisioned the boat,  fuelled up and cast off on May 6th destine for Mill Bay to meet up with Sue and James.

It was a beautiful day on the water and we enjoyed a light sail most of the way to Mill Bay.  When we got close to Mill Bay our friend hailed us on the radio and we met up with them for a short sail in formation.  They captured some nice video of Treylya which I’m very happy to have.  It’s a perspective you don’t get to see often when solo sailing.  Thanks James and Sue.

After James and Sue checked their crab traps we headed across to the Mill Bay Marina.  Mill Bay is a beautiful little marina with a magnificent view across the bay to the east.  We spent a couple of day relaxing and drinking aboard Hounds’ Hollow or eating at the marina restaurant.  Sue gave us a lesson on crab fishing and set a few traps right from the marina wharf.  After 5 or six hours we checked them again and were delighted with the catch.  We had a few keepers and spent the evening cleaning and cooking the crab.  Lot’s of cruising fun…

New photo by Ken Geange / Google Photos
New photo by Ken Geange / Google Photos
New photo by Ken Geange / Google Photos

The morning of May 8th we cast off and headed north.  It was another beautiful sunny morning and we had the full day in front of us so we hoisted the sails and slowly made progress towards Montague Harbour.  The winds were fairly light which made for slow going but a peaceful and relaxing sail.  Life’s good…  I was in the presence of the woman I love and doing what we love to do so all our cares and concerns faded as we passed the hours away.

We arrived at Montague, tied up to a mooring buoy and enjoyed a romantic evening in our secluded little harbour.

New photo by Ken Geange / Google Photos

Next morning we went for a stroll around the park and hung out at the beach for a while.  Still not many people around which made for a quiet few days.

New photo by Ken Geange / Google Photos

We had appies and Deb made vegan whisky sours in the afternoon so we hung out, listened to tunes and got a little silly.

New photo by Ken Geange / Google Photos

Next morning, May 10th, we untied and went over to Ganges for a few nights.  There wasn’t much wind so we motored most of the way.  We decided to take a detour and check out the bottom of Long Harbour.  I’ve never ventured down to the end of Long Harbour and it was fun to circle in around the boats moored down there.  We continued on to Ganges and tied up at the marina just before noon.

We spent the day wandering around downtown Ganges and stopped in to sample the baked goods at Barb’s Bakery & Bistro, a cute little coffee shop.  Yum…

The morning of May 12th, we fuelled up and were off by 9:35am.  We steamed out and rounded Beaver Point and raised the sails for a nice sail back to home port.  We arrived and tied up at 12:40pm.  A great end to a fun couple of weeks of sailing.  Glad my sweetheart was able to join me for most of it.

We had a day to kill before Deb flew back east so we spent it downtown Victoria taking in the sights and sounds…

New video by Ken Geange / Google Photos

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