Newfoundland – June 2017

I spent most of June and July in Newfoundland.  It’s such a beautiful province and the summer is magical.  We spent most of June with family hanging out in St. John’s, and most of July salmon fishing on the Gander River with friends and family.

One weekend in early June we headed out to a friend’s cabin at Rantem Harbour.  Rantem is an old fishing village and is apparently the site where the first trans-Atlantic cable crossed from Europe.

New photo by Ken Geange / Google Photos

Here is some video I took from my Phantom 4 Pro drone.  Such a pretty little spot.

We spent the day on Saturday trout fishing and had a nice fire on the beach that evening.

Another weekend we went out to Glenwood to visit Deb’s family.  I flew my drone around for a bit and we enjoyed good food, laughs and great hospitality.

Ryan came down to visit us mid June so we took another trip out to Rantem and enjoyed another good weekend of fishing and fires on the beach.

New photo by Ken Geange / Google Photos
New photo by Ken Geange / Google Photos
New photo by Ken Geange / Google Photos

Gotta love outport Newfoundland.

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